Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Carlsbad, CA

Located in Carlsbad, and serving the residents of North County San Diego, San Diego and Southern California, Clinique Liposculpture performs a broad range of aesthetic plastic surgery and Liposculpture procedures for those who want to look and feel their best, at the most competitive prices.

As one of the leading experts and pioneers in aesthetic plastic surgery and for the past 30 years, William J. Seare MD is a highly educated, experienced and well-regarded aesthetic plastic surgeon with dual board certifications in Orthopedic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Seare relocated from Utah to San Diego where he has used all of the FDA-approved lipo technologies, including liposculpture, micro lipo, SmartLipo™, VASER® Lipo, Laser Lipo, Tickle Lipo™, PAL (power assisted lipo), and the BodyJet®. His lipo technology of choice currently is the PowerX® Lipo with his patented spatula-tip cannula. Dr. Seare has performed well over 10,000 procedures since becoming a board certified Plastic Surgeon, and has specialized in lipo since it was introduced into the United States.

One of the ways Dr. Seare distinguishes himself from the competition is that he has perfected techniques to remove up to 90 percent of your unwanted fat, whereas other liposuction doctors remove 20 to 30 percent of your unwanted fat tissue. Dr. Seare was early to embrace liposuction, and worked continually to improve its safety and effective removal of fat, becoming one of the early pioneers of liposuction in the United States. He participated in its transition from liposuction to liposculpture and now to Micro Liposuction, where his patented spatula-tipped cannula, removes “grain of rice sized particles” of fat at a time, up to a half a million times. This more completely, evenly and gently removes the fat with less bruising and quicker recovery than other liposuction procedures. He guarantees for the dollars you spend, he will remove more fat, take more time, and get greater transformations than any of his competition.

To learn more about liposculpture and other aesthetic plastic surgery procedures, call our attentive and caring team at Clinique Liposculpture.

Awake Local Anesthesia

Dr. Seare performs “Awake Local Anesthesia” for almost all of his procedures, which is preferable to general anesthesia due to increased safety and decreased costs. This allows the patient to become an active part of the surgical team by moving into positions and giving active feedback that allows for the greatest safety, the best access, and unhurried completion of the case. Having the patient sit up or stand after breast augmentation, liposculpture procedures, natural fat transfers or other aesthetic procedures allows Dr. Seare and the patient to better view the final results and make any final adjustments that may be necessary. To learn more about Awake Local Anesthesia, call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Clinique Liposculpture for aesthetic plastic surgical procedures or liposculpture for lipo or fat transfers.

Hyperbaric Treatment

For more than 40 years, doctors have used hyperbaric treatment to enhance the healing after invasive surgical procedures. During hyperbaric treatment, you are exposed to pressurized oxygen, which provides oxygen to oxygen deprived of tissues that frequently occur following surgery. Hyperbaric treatments can help you recover more quickly from procedures by decreasing pain, swelling, draining, or scarring that can occur after a procedure. To learn more about hyperbaric treatment after aesthetic plastic surgery procedures, contact our team at Clinique Liposculpture for aesthetic plastic surgical procedures or liposculpture.

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