Article For Homeland Magazine

Plastic Surgery is a long sought after art form in this day in age. Homeland Magazine has invited me to write a monthly column that covers some of the amazing things that Board Certified Plastic Surgeons can accomplish, as well as covering topics that you, the reader, would like to learn more about! My name is Dr. William Seare, and I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in North San Diego County, Carlsbad. I mainly focus now on aesthetic surgery but have been trained in all fields of plastic surgery as well.

As this column progresses, I want it to become something that you take part in. What interests you? What questions do you have about plastic surgery, liposuction, awake anesthesia, etc? Please feel free to direct your inquiries to [email protected], and I will review them, and incorporate them into this column. It is very important to me to be directly accessible to all of my patients, in order to help them answer any questions!

In addition to the feedback regarding future articles, I am having a contest based on my ad on the back cover of this magazine, which features an acrylic painting by Fine Artist Scotty Ziegler. My challenge for you, is to interpret what you think this painting represents to me, and what story I am telling by using it. Direct all your interpretations to my “liposculpture” Facebook page, and I will announce the winner in the next article! The winner of this contest will be receive $300 towards any service I offer, including Botox, Restaline, or two hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments!

In future articles, I would like to focus on the different areas of plastic surgery, and help inform you as readers, and as potential clients! To start, I want you as readers to know a little about me.

In order to become a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I attended over 26 years of continuous formal education; and have committed my life to bringing the safest, most reliable, and up to date practices to the operating table.

Finding the surgeon that is right for you, will often start with finding one that is Board Certified. Surprisingly, a “Cosmetic Surgeon” is not required to be Board Certified, and is able to learn on the job. This is a much riskier route to go, when putting your body on the line!

Because of my life’s commitment to my Plastic Surgery Board Certification, I guarantee that you will receive the highest quality service, as well as giving you the best value, and the greatest change, for every dollar you spend. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, I know that I can sculpt your body into the best version of you! Michelangelo saw the angel in the marble, and carved until he set it free; I see the best version of each person, and I sculpt until I have set them free.

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