How Gynecomastia Treatment Can Improve Men’s Lives

With medicine and technology in a now-constant state of progression and evolution, there is almost a treatment for everything. What that means for you is for almost any condition or physical aspect of your body you wish to alter or improve, there is likely a treatment for you. Gynecomastia affects countless men, threatening their self-confidence and making it difficult for some to go without a shirt in public. Last year alone, over 30,000 men received treatment to incredibly satisfying results.

Gynecomastia refers to the development of breast tissue in men due to a variety of factors including hormone imbalances, obesity, and side effects of certain medications.  A Gynecomastia surgery aims to eliminate breast tissue while sculpting and restoring a masculine contour to the chest. You may be a suitable candidate for Gynecomastia treatment if:

  • You have an undesirable chest shape due to developing breast tissue
  • Diet and exercise have not improved your condition
  • You are experiencing physical discomfort
  • You have adequate skin elasticity (this begins to decline after age 50)
  • You are maintaining a stable body weight
  • You are in good health and have realistic expectations

Treatment Options

There are a couple of options for treatment depending on the severity of your case. Minimally invasive surgeries are a popular and often times sufficient way of treating Gynecomastia. In this procedure, glandular tissue from the overlapping areola is surgically removed. The benefit of this treatment is the utilization of very small incisions, which means minimal scarring.

For more severe cases, skin resection and movement of the nipple can be performed to achieve the same effective results. Alternatively, ultrasonic micro liposuction can be used to remove some of the more stubborn breast tissue. This ensures the removal of especially fibrous tissue in patients who are already in fit physical shape.

Gynecomastia treatment can improve the lives of men who receive it by enhancing and restoring a firmer chest shape. Results are typically very noticeable and permanent. Return to the gym or beach without the lingering self-consciousness hanging over you and once again take charge of our self-confidence. Simply put, Gynecomastia treatment is the first step in reclaiming your masculinity.

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