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American Healthcare Lending



Many patients of Clinique Liposculpture utilize the funding of their procedure through our medical financing company CareCredit®.

We recommend seeing us first or calling for a quote prior to applying for credit. This way you will know how much to apply for. Click on the button below for pre-qualification.

Below is a table illustrating the different payment plans available by CareCredit®. They have a number of options from a no interest program in which you have 3 months to pay off your procedure. In addition, they have finance programs that extend out for 60 months. We are sure they have a program that will suit your financial needs.

CreditCare Payment Options

3 Month No Interest Plan   11.9% Extended Payment Plan  
Procedure Fee Minimum Payment Three Payments 24 Month Program 36 Month Program 48 Month Program 60 Month Program
$2000 $60 $667 $92 $64 $51 $42
$2500 $75 $883 $115 $81 $63 $53
$3000 $90 $1000 $138 $97 $76 $64
$3500 $105 $1167 $161 $113 $89 $74
$4000 $120 $1333 $184 $129 $101 $85
$4500 $135 $1500 $207 $145 $114 $95
$5000 $150 $1667 $330 $161 $127 $106
$7500 $225 $2500 $364 $242 $190 $159
$10000 $300 $3333 $461 $322 $253 $212

Alphaeon Credit


With the ALPHAEON CREDIT card, you’ll find the widest array of monthly payment options to help your reach your individual wellness, beauty, and performance goals.

The ALPHAEON CREDIT card allows you to move forward today without delay. Plus, with special financing options not available with other credit cards, you may find the ALPHAEON CREDIT card is the better way to pay.

With the ALPHAEON CREDIT card, you can receive the care your physician recommends with flexible payment options that fit your lifestyle.

Apply today so you can focus on looking, feeling, and being your best.

Click here for the Alphaeon Credit Rate Sheet

Click here for Alphaeon Credit’s Quick Start Guide