HourGlass Tummy Tuck

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The abdominal midsection is a very difficult part of the body to sculpt by diet and exercise no matter how healthy your lifestyle and effort.

With extreme diet and exercise, some your general body fat can respond, but the portion of fat that is lipodystrophy fat, the fat that is very resistant to shrinking, is essentially impossible to reduce or keep off for any length of time. In fact, when normal activity is resumed, it will come back and most times even grows a little more with each attempt.

About the HourGlass Tummy Tuck

Dr. William J Seare at Clinique LipoSculpture in Carlsbad, San Diego has many options for removal of this lipodystrophy fat and skin tightening.

These options include not only traditional full tummy tucks, but also cutting-edge procedure he calls the “HourGlass” Tummy Tuck with, aggressive fat removal, reduced recovery time, discomfort and most times without the need to relocate the belly button.

In the past the Full Tummy Tuck Procedures were the “golden standard” for removing excess abdominal skin and a limited amount of fat in both men and women. However, the Full Tummy Tuck Procedures have rightly gotten a bad reputation for being painful, expensive costing upwards of $10K-$12K, require a long 3 month recovery period, and create a high, long scar with another scar around the belly button. Also lacking in the Full Tummy Tuck is the ability to perform any lipo over the tummy tuck area, only allowing a little fat lipo at the sides, and the procedure always requires general anesthesia and often hospitalization. These limitations of the Full Tummy Tuck must be carefully considered and are very important. With this, in order to get the desired fat removal and skin tightening requires two separate expensive procedures with scars in less than optimal locations and long recoveries.

Benefits of the HourGlass Tummy Tuck

hourglass tummy tuckDr. Seare believes that his Mommy Makeover patients who select lipo and Tummy Tuck procedures desire having the most fat removed that can be safely and evenly accomplished with skin removal where the scar is thin and can be easily hidden. Therefore, he created the HourGlass Tummy Tuck with “Awake Anesthesia” allowing large volume fat removal while strategically tightening the skin all in one surgery. This results in a more reduced and defined midsection, a flatter and tighter stomach creating a contoured hourglass figure. Ultimately this leads to more pleasing curves, better clothes fit and improved self-esteem.

William J Seare MD trained and practiced in Utah for over 25 years.

There he saw a large proportion of his Tummy Tuck candidates, and especially those who were from LDS background with very large families. One patient had 14 living children with an accompanying extreme surgical challenge. Multiple pregnancies, gaining weight, genetics and inactivity all can add to the stimulation of lipodystrophy fat, stretch marks and loose skin. His practice in Utah provided Dr. Seare with hundreds of Full Tummy Tuck candidates who sometimes needed very massive skin tightening and extreme fat removal. But because of the above listed drawbacks to the Full Tummy Tuck, this could only be performed in two procedures with less than optimal results. Dr. William Seare therefore created a new procedure he calls the HourGlass Tummy Tuck that addresses each drawback we discussed with the Full Tummy Tuck procedure.

Before & After Photos

This transformation creates a much flatter stomach, removes up to 90% of the unwanted fat, and creates an hourglass contour from the breasts to the hips.

For the HourGlass Tummy Tuck, micro-lipo is performed aggressively and circumferentially around the entire abdominal torso from the bottom of the breasts to the pubis, allowing removal and tightening of the skin much lower in the abdomen with the very thin scar essentially in the bikini line. In California and specifically in Carlsbad, with Dr. Seare’s experience and technologies, up to 10 pounds of pure fat can be removed from microlipo and 5-6 more pounds can additionally be removed from the abdominoplasty skin and fat.

Dr. Seare’s HourGlass Tummy Tuck uses the low incision of a mini-tummy tuck and combined with extreme circumferential microlipo where amazing transformations are created more safely with “Awake Anesthesia”, at a lower cost, and with a very low, thin scar that adds only about 2 days to the 5 days for the HourGlass MicroLipo® recovery. With these procedures, Dr. Seare takes the time and attention to detail to perform the HourGlass MicroLipo and HourGlass Tummy Tuck procedures to create a much smaller waist, tighter skin resulting in a curvatious figure that is more pleasing to the eye.

If you are interested in this cutting edge procedure, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you and Dr. Seare will be available to talk personally with you. We offer free consultations that take about an hour and Dr. Seare will personally meet with you to create a transformation plan specifically designed for you.

Lipodystrophy Fat

Lipodystrophy fat is a specific genetic type of fat that has been a tremendous selective advantage to mammals including acting as padding, protecting vital organs, and helping them to store energy as fat and use it when resources are limited such as during famines, the ice ages or getting older. This fat is present at birth and generally in early adolescence it gets triggered to grow by various mechanisms.

Some activities such as over eating and under exercising are shared with the general body and cause fat grow. However, things specific to lipodystrophy fat are it stimulation to grow when you are under pressure with the secretion of cortisol, the “stress hormone”. Some medicines, especially anti-depressants, are known to cause weight gain. Other hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause are also weight gain triggers. Certain families have ages where their weight increased dramatically without any other know triggers.

WebMD “Experts say that for up to 25% of people, most antidepressant medications — including the popular SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs like Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft — can cause a weight gain of 10 pounds or more”.