Body Lift

Consultations offered at our two convenient locations in San Diego and Carlsbad

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you may find that you seem to have “extra skin” that sags and hangs from your body.

mommy-makeover-okc-420x602Many women find their skin seems to be droopy after pregnancy, while both men and women find their skin seems to start sagging as they start to age. The reason for this “extra skin” is that the underlying tissue has weakened or incurred some type of damage. During a body lift procedure, Dr. Seare repairs the skin’s supportive tissue while removing and tightening excess skin. After a body lift, you’ll notice a definite improvement in the tone and shape of your lower body. Dr. Seare also uses body lifts as a treatment for cellulite.

Dr. Seare is a pioneer of a procedure called the circumferential Micro Lipo surgeries that we call “Around-the-World” of the arms, torso, or thighs, We have found we can get amazing skin tightening of up to 25 percent when we are able to go all or most of the way around your body.