Breast Augmentation

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Reasons For Breast Augmentation

Since our society puts so much emphasis on breast size as a sign of beauty for women, those who have naturally small breasts tend to be self-conscious starting during their teen years.

breast-lift-1Other women develop dissatisfaction with their breast size when they lose breast volume after pregnancy or when they stop nursing. Additionally, women often explore their options for reconstruction after they have a mastectomy. Ultimately, women often find the solution to their concerns about their breast size is breast augmentation.

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Breast Implant Options

Breast Implants

During this procedure, Dr. Seare surgically places either a saline or a silicone pouch under the mammary gland or in the underlying muscle tissue.

Breast Fat Transfer

Dr. Seare started using autologous fat transfer or fat grafting in 1988 and presented his first paper to the Lipoplasty Society in 1990. He uses your own fat rich in stem cells to transfer them into your breasts as a Natural Breast Enhancement procedure. By using your own body’s natural fat, Dr. Seare can to add volume, creating significant changes to your figure safely and without implants.

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