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Facial skin folds, creases and wrinkles, are hard to address because their origin lies deep below the skin surface in the connective tissue supporting the skin.

Fortunately, Juvederm was created as a highly effective and safe skin rejuvenation procedure that addresses this common problem in individuals who desire a more attractive, smoother face.

Is Juvederm Right For You

juvedermlogoIf areas of your face appear to have lost fullness, then Dr. Seare can use Juvederm to restore the volume to your cheek, lips, and to eliminate fine lines around your mouth. Juvederm is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen production with the use of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that reinforces the elasticity of the skin in order to produce an improved skin tone and elasticity. The fact that Juvederm is a natural complex sugar means that it complements the body’s supply of natural hyaluronic acid, which has been diminished by the passage of time.

What Is Juvederm

The natural FDA-approved filler is in a gel form that Dr. Seare simply injects under your skin to enhance the definition of your facial features. Juvederm is usually injected into the mid-to-deep dermis of a patient’s face to plump up the skin underneath the wrinkle and folds; thereby, reducing the occurrence of wrinkles. Apart from reducing the appearance of wrinkles, Juvederm can also be injected into the lips for a fuller effect.

The Procedure

Juvederm sessions typically last only 30 minutes, you’ll see immediate results and you can resume normal activities after the procedure. Juvederm produces incredible results that last for up to one year, saving time and money.

Benefits of Juvederm

  • Smooth, natural looking results
  • Comfortable treatment experience
  • Immediate results
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Reversible and biodegradable
  • Proven safe and effective