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Why Male Liposuction

Just like women, many men also face the frustration of trying to diet and exercise away areas of fat that resists all their efforts. The reason is that normal diet and exercise many times cannot get rid of lipodystrophy fat, which is that very resistant fat inherited from your ancestors triggered by genetics, stress, or age. Liposuction for men removes these fat cells so that they will no longer be able to contribute to your size or weight.

Years Of Experience

William J. Seare, MD is an experienced aesthetic plastic surgeon practicing liposculpture surgery and lipo in San Diego and Carlsbad. He is doubly board certified in orthopedic surgery and also in plastic surgery and he guarantees for the dollars you spend, he will remove more fat, take more time with you, and get greater transformations that the competition.

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best-man-boob-exercisesAt Clinique Liposculpture, Dr. Seare can remove up to 90% of the fat where most lipo doctors, many not even MDs, only remove 20 to 30 percent of the fat taking only a few minutes per area. He perfected and refined Micro Liposuction procedures, including his patented lipo cannulas providing a rotating spatula-tip that gently, evenly, and completely removes the fat and difficult to remove fibrous, such as in gynecomastia breast tissue removal, and for very fibrous fatty tissue in body builders and extremely fit men with localized fat deposits.

Our staff is highly trained, professional, and caring. See our reviews to see what a difference our liposuction procedures have made in the lives of our patients.

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